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Thanks for stopping by. I’m Cheryl Bell, yoga teacher and owner of Lapis Sky Yoga. Being a devoted student of mind/body wellness has led me to become a registered yoga instructor and certified personal trainer. 


After eight years as a personal trainer at Sequim Aquatic Recreation Center, I made the leap to teaching yoga full time. The beauty of yoga is that it meets each individual where they are and offers new opportunities to explore the rewards of mindful movement in present moment awareness. My passion is helping others create their own personal practice of yoga and this enthusiasm is what inspired me to open Lapis Sky Yoga.


The studio is a dedicated wellness space. We have ongoing

classes, workshops, and community events aimed at providing

a safe and welcoming atmosphere for exploring the mind/body

arts. Currently we offer differing styles of yoga and somatic

movement. More information is available on the sidebar links.


If you are a professional in a wellness discipline, Lapis Sky

might be the ideal location for your next workshop, series, or

ongoing classes. Please contact me at (360) 461-1709 about

joining us as we endeavor to serve and enrich our community.



                                                    ~ Cheryl

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